There are many ways to donate to Beacon of Hope Gospel Rescue Mission and the HOPE House! We are in need of immediate financial donations as well as long term legacy gifts to establish our endowment fund. We are also always in need of volunteer help as well as tangible gifts to be used either at the HOPE House or to be passed on to the homeless members of our community. 

There are many ways to support Beacon of Hope & the HOPE House!

If you are interested in providing a tangible gift to Beacon of Hope, we have an established list of items we find ourselves in need of on a regular basis.

If you would like to have your gift delivered directly to us or would like to drop it off to one of our board members, please first contact us by phone at (530) 842-1373 or via email at so that we can provide you with the proper delivery address for your donation.


Compassion is our first core value at Beacon of Hope; and if you're considering leaving a legacy gift to our organization, compassion already means a great deal to you.

When you leave a legacy gift to Beacon of Hope, you commit to supporting and caring for the men, women and children of our community who find themselves without a home. You help our volunteers to serve our homeless community with the care and compassion every person deserves and needs.

Homelessness is a circumstance of being human, but it is not a human condition. While people find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons, one of our core values at Beacon of Hope is to show all people respect, regardless of their circumstances.

Your legacy gift will help to ensure that those persons who find themselves homeless in our community will always have a place to come where they are treated with the respect owed to each and every human being.



While we all like to imagine a world without homelessness and poverty, the reality is that every year more and more people find themselves financial unstable. For many individuals and families, living paycheck to paycheck means they are less than one month or one large, unexpected expense away from homelessness. Establishing a Legacy Gift for Beacon of Hope means that even after you're gone, our community will benefit from your generosity and commitment to caring for all.

We are currently in the process of establishing our endowment fund in order to secure funding for Beacon of Hope for many years to come. 

Help Us to Establish and Grow An Endowment Fund

The greatest impact of your legacy gift is the hope it gives to those in need as well as to those who choose to serve. We all need hope. Hope our circumstances will improve. Hope that we can be better. Hope that we can make a lasting postive impact. And most importantly, the HOPE of heaven we have in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

When you leave a legacy gift to Beacon of Hope, you contribute to giving HOPE to the lost, the lowly and the least of these.